The Almost Perfect Team (Heist Night 1/5)

The Almost Perfect Team (Heist Night 1/5)


I’m great with demolitions, but they never ask me. They’re just like “keep writing Youtube captions.” Whatever.

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Ally Beardsley
Raphael Chestang
Grant O’Brien
Zac Oyama
Katie Marovitch
Mike Trapp
Rekha Shankar
Sam Reich
Adam Conover
Siobhan Thompson
Cynthia Kao

Gus – Robert Stephens
Adam’s Assistant – Matt Cordova
Tailor – Frankie McLafferty

Director – Michael Schaubach
Writer – Mike Trapp, Grant O’Brien
1st Assistant Director – Liz Sacks
Producer – Shane Crown
Production Coordinator – Francesca McLafferty
Director of Photography – Luc Delamare
1st AC – Christian Armada
1st AC – Justin Lee
Gaffer – Devin Wilson
Gaffer – Vince Valentin
Key Grip – Justin Lee
Key Grip – Logan Fulton
Sound Mixer – Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
Production Designer – Peter Macaluso
HMU – Kathleen Pardo
President of Original Content – Sam Reich
Senior Vice President of Production – Spencer Griffin
Executive in Charge of Production – Sam Sparks
Supervising Producer – Alex Edge
Production Legal – Karen Segall
Production Accountant – Shay Parsons
Production Accountant – Chetera Bell
Production Assistant – Kennya Rivera
Production Assistant – Esmeralda Pelayo
Production Assistant – Yael Egnal
Production Assistant – Kevin Clark-Ryan
Post Production Supervisor – Melissa Balan
Post Production Coordinator – Marissa High
Content Management Supervisor – Theodora Hart
Programming Assistant – Caroline Langella
Editor – Michael Schaubach
Visual Effects & Graphics – TJ Gonzalez
Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer – Mark Chernausek
Assistant Editor – Brittany Joyner