Soap Opera Pets | Funny Pet Video Dramatic Compilation 2017

Soap Opera Pets | Funny Pet Video Dramatic Compilation 2017


From dogs refusing to walk, a cockatoo making a mess with cups, to cats freaking out over dogs, these are just a few of the dramatic pets you’ll find in this soap opera pets video compilation.

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Bird Freaks out When It Thinks Its Nose is Stolen
Dog Pretends to be Actress
Cat Scared of Smelly Dog
Corgi and Scary Spoon
Cat Walks Away Like it’s Being Pulled
Galah Cockatoo Acts Manic
Slinky Cat
Cat Refuses to Get Up
Cat Cuddles With Bowl
Screaming Dog Disturbs Sleeping Girl
One Eyed Screaming Pug
Dog Too Lazy for Walk
Bird Tries out Cup Stacking