Romance is dead Paris just banned people from making love locks on bridge and is removing all existing ones

    Paris is permanently removing all love locks from its bridges
    Yeah, that’s over. (Pic: PA)

    Thought some things could last forever? Think again.

    If at some point, in the past few years, you decided to show your undying love for your other half by putting a padlock with your names scribbled on it on a Parisian bridge, we’ve got bad news.

    The city of Paris has finally decided that it’s had enough of soppy tourists coming over and dumping bits of metal all over its bridges.

    Starting on Monday, the padlocks will be removed from the Pont Des Arts, and plexiglass panels will soon replaces the grills.

    Love locks?

    Though people have been putting love locks on bridges all over Paris, the Pont Des Arts has been the most popular one for the soppy tourists, with up to 1 million locks thought to be attached to the railings.The tradition has now been popular across Europe for about 15 years, but how it started is quite unclear. It has, however, been often portrayed in popular culture, such as Parks & Recreation, which saw main characters Leslie and Ben put their own love lock on the Parisian bridge.

    Will this break the heart of hundreds of thousands of couples across the world?

    Paris doesn’t care.

    FILE - This April 9, 2014 file photo shows love locks fixed on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, France. Any hope that the love locks that cling to Paris’ famed Pont des Arts bridge would last forever _ will be unromantically dashed by the city council who plan to dismantle them Monday _ for good. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus, File)

    Love locks fixed on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. (Pic: AP)

    According to the council, the locks are causing ‘a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris and also a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists’.

    To be fair to them, a  part of the Pont Des Arts did collapse last summer under the weight of these stupid locks, so hey, maybe they’ve got a point.