Pranksters Catfish their own friend and caught him naked waiting for the mysterious girl


    This is taking catfishing to another level! These guys had their friend full-torqued and lubed up only to bust in on him and kill his boner!

    It is one thing to “prank” your friend in a text convo and send it into a website hoping everyone believes. These guys wanted to leave no doubt that this prank really happened. So they filmed the climax and sent it in to Metro!

    19-year-old Craig thought he was texting a random girl who wanted to bang him.

    They started flirting over text and things heated up…

    “Of course, you’d be sceptical when texting a stranger – but Craig thought a nude photo was enough to confirm he was talking to a girl.”


    “And the fact ‘she’ was pretty up-front about what she wanted kept him interested”


    “So much so that poor Craig actually made plans to meet the ‘girl’ – who had just one request: He was to be naked upon her arrival”


    “And yes, he followed her orders”


    Click Next Below To See The Video Of The “Girl” Showing Up.. Be warned.. There is a little nudity and a lot of lube!! (NSFW)

    Source: METRO