Facebook Wrongfully Deleted Facebook page

Facebook Wrongfully Deleted Facebook page

For 3 years we started working on my page That is jokes & Shit which is 18+ i got up to 60k (image below is latest screenshot we had) Until Facebook wrongfully Deleted my page and just left me an automated message.


Sometimes silly little things mainly MEMES which are not even close to the worse things which are on Facebook were getting reported and due to all these things getting reported (sometimes i’m sure people reported on purpose to sabotage my page) my page was unpublished and deleted.

Ourpage was Anti Bullying and Anti Racism we always took peoples feelings into matter.

But as we noticed page publishes do not have say even if they paid so much money if someone reports a photo, video or even a page Facebook will remove or unpublished or delete your page even though us PAGE Publishers are the ones generating Facebook revenue. We would love to just talk with someone there to discuss this matter and to resolve it and Publish our page once again and to show that person what we was deleted for is not even close to the animal cruelty and images of the dead we all see on facebook everyday but yet because a CELEB or PUBLIC Figure shared it to promote against it it is allowed.

So my question is we want to talk to someone to either, Publish our page back or to be compensated even by a FREE page promotion to our new page which i had to start all over again.

page names below

Deleted Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/That.Is.Jokes

New facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thatisjokess

Has your Facebook page been deleted?

Deleted Facebook Page

The only thing we can do is help each other even if pages are competitors the world is big enough for all of us. Send us your old and new link and like and invite all your friends to our page and we will do the same to help as much as we can to get your page to the likes it used to have.

Facebook support team will never help or answer as long as they are taking our money, so stop looking for fake facebook likes and wasting money on facebook ads lets help each other and we can all have successful facebook pages without giving a cent to Facebook..