Death Defying High Line Walk Between Two Mountains

Death Defying High Line Walk Between Two Mountains


The idea of walking between two points with nothing but a sheer drop beneath you would scare over 50 percent of the population.

Yet, for others, it provides a great thrill. Julian Millot, is one such man. He’s part of the Flying Frenchies – a group of thrill-seekers who challenge themselves in the most extreme circumstances. They are about to star in a new film called The Free Man.

In fact, LADbible took a trip to a remote corner of France to speak to the Frenchies, who do this sort of thing on a regular basis all over the world…

“When you love the heights, you love the cliffs, and you want to get the maximum of all the sports that use the heights,” Julian told LADbible whilst dangling 60 metres above the ground.

This takes some serious guts.


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