Air Sex Men & Women Simulate Their Favorite Positions


    It started as a one-time parody of an Air Guitar competition in Austin. Then we quickly realized this was not only much, much bigger than Air Guitar, this was bigger than Texas. We set out on our first nationwide tour in the Summer of 2009 and we haven’t looked back since.

    We’ve crowned Air Sex Champions in over 50 cities across North America, appeared at notable events such as FunFunFun Fest and Fantastic Fest, and have been covered by thousands of hot, throbbing press outlets.

    We’ve hosted Air Sex competitions in tiny bars, medium-sized comedy venues, and massive theaters. We’ve done it inside huge tents at outdoor festivals, on the roof of the Las Vegas Hustler Club, and smack in the middle of broadcast TV show stages. Air Sex can be done anywhere, at almost any kind of event, and in front of crowds of all sizes…as long as we’re the ones hosting the show.